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Professionals who make a living by giving out expert and professional advice to clients such as doctors, financial advisers, engineers and even computer and IT specialists can easily find themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit if something goes awry.

If your client thinks you made a mistake and a suffered an injury or a loss because of that advice, he may have the grounds needed to drag you through a long, drawn out and very stressful legal battle that could compromise your reputation, your career, and your ability to go to work everyday.

This is the reason why professional indemnity insurance is a must for those who routinely engage in the practice of giving advice as part of their profession.

his is where we come in. With the majority of professions covered, we can take care of the process of finding the right insurance for you. Just give us the basic details of your profession and the kind of advice often given and we can come up with the right insurance package for you, without any need to fill out a single form. Give us a call to get started on getting yourself the protection your career needs.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance: Why Your Career Needs It

Professional indemnity insurance is the kind of insurance that will protect you when clients decide to file legal claims against your practice. Advice given in the past may result to a loss for a client and he or she may decide to sue you for that advice.

Insurance will pay for the expenses of defending yourself from that lawsuit, cover the financial requirements that tend to crop up when you are faced with legal action and protect your career from financial ruin as your attention is diverted from running it to facing the legal action that has been filed against you. In short, professional insurance protects your career from total damage.

Most importantly, this type of insurance covers the amount you will need to pay the claimant as compensation which includes loss of earnings, future losses and costs for damage repair if applicable.

Reliable and Stress-free Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • instant cover for more than 200 professions
  • instant quote available online
  • low premiums
  • guaranteed fast claim service and full customer support
  • legal advice from industry specialists
  • range of competitive premiums
  • policy covers that meet specific and unique professional requirements
  • convenient monthly payment plans
  • risk management and account executive services
  • reliable and professional technical expertise
  • regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
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Other Professions and Business Enterprises Covered

We evaluate on a case-to-case basis in order to provide coverage for professionals who need it most. There are very few professions and business we do not cover. As long as we have all the necessary information and conclude that coverage for you is doable, we can provide you with the appropriate protection.

The Right Professional Indemnity Insurance for You

The coverage we offer is tailored to meet the unique and specific demands of your profession and the specific claim your are facing. Different professions face different kinds and levels of risk and you may be subject to certain insurance requirements from clients.

Whether you are an architect, a doctor or a computer consultant, you can rest assured that you will have the coverage that can protect you from claims.Give us the details so we can create an insurance package that is suited to the particular type of risk you face. The calculations usually depend on what type of business is involved, the size of the turnover, the number of employees and the kinds of claims you have been subjected to in the past.

The information is useful in order for us to craft an insurance plan that will give you full coverage without the risk of overpaying or paying for coverage that you will not need.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from our professional indemnity insurance package.
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  • free business support and advice from industry experts
  • ability to add employer's and public liability and other extensions to meet client requirements
  • flexible limits
  • flexible payment schemes
  • same day for quote cover and purchase online or by phone
  • options to avail of related products
  • 24-hour customer support

Call us today for a free professional indemnity insurance quote and find how easy it is to avail of protection for you and your career.

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