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Commercial landlord insurance for factories, small units and other commercial properties, needs the right cover. Whatever property you rent out for commercial use, you’ll need the right insurance policy from the right insurer.

This guide will include, what you should be looking for from a company, and how to cover your business from the unexpected, whether you have a portfolio of properties or a single property.

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What should I be looking for in a policy?

Buildings insurance - Insurance for commercial properties should have buildings insurance, the freehold owner, usually manages the policy. This policy will cover your commercial property from fire and flooding. If your building is totally destroyed, the policy will pay out to re-build.

Contents insurance

When you’re a landlord with items of value, including furniture and other fixtures and fittings, you need to insure them for loss and accidental damage. Your contents insurance policy will cover high value items (must be include in the commercial landlord insurance policy) and items such as, white goods, soft furnishings, you’re covered for accidental and malicious damage too.

Contents insurance
This cover is optional, it works together with building insurance. Your buildings insurance pays out for fire and flooding, but what do you do when you have no rent coming in after a fire or a flood? The answer is adding loss of rent insurance to your policy. This policy will pay the rent until the commercial building is back in action. This will include payment for a certain amount of time, from 12 to 36 months, with some polices. This is a great backup for commercial property owners.

Loss of rent protection

What do you do about emergencies at 3 am in the morning and you're in bed? You have two options, one, you deal with it, or two; make sure you have emergency assistance insurance written in to your policy. This pays for tradesmen to assist you, any time of the day, if you have a broken down hot water boiler or other heating problems. You’re also covered for glass and keys, if you loose them. The policy also pays out for other types of emergencies, such as, burst copper pipes, damage to external doors and roofing problems.

Public liability insurance

If a member of the public hurts themselves because you failed on heath and safety procedures, or you didn’t clean a walkway and a member of the public falls, you could be the one that gets it. This policy can cover a numerous amount of different claims and support you when your working with the public, just remember, where’s there’s a blame, there’s a claim, lawyers love that. This commercial landlord insurance cover usually comes as a standard add-on, because it’s so important.

Employee liability insurance

When you employ a handyman or a janitor to keep the place nice and tidy, you’ll need employee liability insurance. You’ll need it for any employee you employ, because if they have an accident at work and you have no cover, you could be held personally responsible.

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