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We protect small and medium-sized businesses and their premises. Our customers include a wide variety of business owners up and down the UK. We offer specialist policies for:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • People working from home
  • Surgeries
  • Hotels
  • Pubs, restaurants and wine bars

And if you’re not in the list, it’s still worth giving us a call. We can still offer a policy for your business – just ask.

  • Your buildings, fixtures and fittings: including gates, fences, car parks, as well as underground cables and pipes.
  • Business interruption: if your business has to close after a fire, flood or forced entry, we’ll make up the shortfall in your income.
  • Cover for stock and cash on premises: available with some commercial property policies. You’ll get a 25% increase in stock cover at peak seasons** as well.
  • Legal expenses and a 24-hour legal helpline: we’ll cover your legal costs if you’re involved in data protection, employment, VAT and other types of disputes (see the policy wording).
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