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We all know that we need to have motor insurance to use our cars and vans on the road and nowadays we all tend to buy on price assuming that the cover from one insurer to the next is identical.

In terms of the basic legal liability requirement and the cover for accidental damage to your own car that’s probably true. However buying through a broker rather than direct online will ensure that the cover bought matches your needs.

At Park Place Insurance we search our panel of insurers to obtain the most competitive price we can whilst making sure that the cover you buy meets your needs. We’ll explain the excess that applies to the policy in addition to any voluntary excess you may wish to apply to obtain a discount, we’ll explain the class of uses available form the insurer to make sure you only buy a policy that provides the protection you need.

If your vehicle is brand new does the policy provide you with a replacement vehicle if your new pride and joy is written off and at what level of damage will the insurer deem it to be written off rather than repairable. Ask for details.

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